Title “Learned City Fact” in Uğur Kökden’s Three Trial Books
Abstract In this paper, in the light of Ugur Kokden’s books, Ani Kentler, Seslerin Resmi, Tiksinti Cagi, under the subtitle “Ogrenilen Kent” it is put emphasis on the writer’s point of view to the city, city phenomenon and the manner of writer. On the basis of those points, the deductions are made with supporting texts. In the paper, that the writer emphasizes the city while telling the incidences and the writer’s thoughts in the trial and depending on what he does this and the similarity between trials and the other literary genres primarily assessed. Afterwards, Because of the factors which introduces and teaches the city in the trials, under the title of “Ogrenilen Kent”, how the city is reflected to the very deep nuance is mentioned by supporting with the quotations from the book. In conclusion, in three books of Ugur Kokden that is analyzed, it is found out that he successfully transferred the city without losing his artistic manner to the readers.
Keywords Ugur Kokden, City, Learned City, Trial, Literary Genres
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 49-54
Year 2011
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