Title National Romanticism and Nihad Sâmi Banarlı
Authors Samet GÖKÇELİ
Abstract Nihad Sâmi Banarlı, an important literary historian, writer and educator. The fan and defender of Turkish Banarlı, youth instill national consciousness writings, lectures and textbooks prepared by the literature, history, culture and education were important services. Banarlı, writings and speeches by former beauties modernize the show we’ll take lessons at one of the issues, “national romanticism” is. According to Banarlı national romanticism; nations in times of crisis, political, and social crises arise prompting nations languages, culture, art and literature to come to them, the nation’s history and geography of the great works in the body reached an aware. This aspect makes a bridge between past and future. Literature, architecture and fine arts means to be unaware of the national romanticism. Unaware of the national romanticism of intent, resources, Turkish history and culture lessons from him is to go and connect to the roots. Educational activities, cultural, social and national values are asked to bring up generations. Literature training can contribute to the formation of language through the national consciousness. Banarlı, language, history and literature courses, national and civilized culture that serves as the basic moves, the national character classes that complement the national qualifies as propaganda. National development will be the source of the Turkish nation a creative, nationalize and beautifying power and genius who wants to benefit from the views of Turkish literature Banarlı’s Turksh literature history look at our past that point to realize that whether we can modernize the present and future ideas in the works of moving the literature. As a result of this study, based on the views of national romanticism in Banarlı’s national romanticism movement role of cultural and social dynamics, literature, architecture, and other cultural elements of the relationship between education system were analyzed.
Keywords Nihad Sâmi Banarlı, National Romantism, Education
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 75-79
Year 2011
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