Title Undergraduate Youngsters’ thoughts about Soap Operas adapted from Novels
Authors Abdulkadir ÖNKOL
Abstract In this paper, it is emphasized on the thoughts of the undergraduate and associate students in Mersin University about the soap operas adapted from novels to the present. Here, whether the university students are aware of literary novels and the transferring of them to the soap operas are tried to be determined. Also, it is tried to reveal what their views are about making soap opera adapting from novel. In the research, ready-prepared open and closed ended questionary questions are applied to the university students of the faculty and vocational school. Some characteristic features of the students participated in the questionnary are presented. In the study, the novels “Yaprak Dokumu”, “Ask-i Memnu” and “Hanimin Ciftligi” which we initially dealed are introduced. The data are assessed in the environment of computer. The necessary explanations are showed with tables and the student’s views about the subject are mentioned. According to the results of the data, it it determined that the students read few novels and do not have much knowledge about novels and give more importance to visualty. At the same time, the students think that literary novels can not substitute for the soap operas ,but literary novels are only a way fort the introduction of novels.
Keywords Adapted Soap Operas, Turkish Novels, Undergraduate Students, Associate Students
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 81-86
Year 2011
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