Title An Illustrated Essay in Turkish Litarature: Firarperest
Authors Ayşe DELİ
Abstract The first examples of essay are seen in old Greek and Latin sources. Montaigne is the founder of modern essay. This genre began to appear after Tanzimat in Turkish literature. Ahmet Haşim is one of the pioneers of this genre. Picture in Turkish literature has been used since divan literature gives importance to integrity of sense and image instead of couplet harmony. Also, it uses abstract imagination in literature. So, it makes difficult to illustrate. In modern aspect, poems which are found under the picture began to appear in Tanzimat period. Mostly, this is seen in poets who live in the lost period of Tanzimat. Later,we come acrossthe poems which reflect nature as a Picture and poem ressembles picture in Servet-i Fünûn literature. After the invention of photogrsph, it began to be written poems which are founded under the photograph. The pictures which reflect the theme of novel appeared after Tanzimat especially in Servet-i Fünûn period in Turkish literature. Many of the novels in this period were illustrated while they were published as serial. These pictures took place in the work while they were made book. The novels which were written after Cumhuriyet made use of pictures. However after 1980’s the publish ment of these novels decreased. Photographehs substituted pictures. Serials began to be published in newspapers and periodicals named as an only book. In addition to foto novel, comics appeared with a simple technique. Elif Şafak is seen in Turkish literature with an essay colled as Firarperest which is different from other essays. Author gave example on the first illustrated essay in Turkish literature. In advance, the technique of using picture in poems and novels was applied on asseys. The drawing in book were put as it is connetcted to subject. The drawings were illustrated by M. Kutlukhan Perker. Also, putting own photograph on the cover is accepted as an innovation.
Keywords Elif Safak, Firarperest, essay,poem under the illustrated , illustrated novel.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 2
Page 87-93
Year 2011
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