Title Prospective Teachers’ Opinions on Using Computer Terms in Turkish
Authors Mehmet Sercan YİĞİT, Aslı KARADUMAN
Abstract The purpose of this study is to present views of third class-teacher candidates from Education faculty of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University about their preference of Turkish while using computer terms. The data has been obtained from the results of 25 questioned- questionnaire that the third class teacher candidates of science, computer and technology, Turkish, social science, preschool, class , Japan and English answered in spring semester of 2008-2009 education year. The questions of the questionnaire which consisted of a list including Turkish and English computer terms were analyzed through Kay-Kare Test. According to analysis results it has been found that the scores belonging to the teacher candidates’ views about usage of Turkish and English computer terms are in moderate level (X=38,12). It is determined that the items “Sürücüdriver”, “güncellemek-update”, “bilgisayar-laptop”, “indirmek-download”, “sunucu-server”, “tanıtım-demo” ve “ağ-network” show big differences according to sexuality (p<0.05) and mostly female teacher candidates prefer Turkish computer terms. Also it has been obtained that the terms “Bilgisayar-computer”, “sürücü-driver”, “bağlantı-link”, “dizüstü bilgisayar-laptop”, “ileti-mail”, “biçimlendirmek-formatlamak”, “kişisel bilgisayar-pc”, “geribildirim-feedback”, “fare-mouse”, “taşınabilir bellek-flash bellek” ve “yeniden başlatma-reset” show important differences according to the departments that the candidates study in (p<0.05). The results have showed that the students from Social Science and Turkish-Math fields prefer Turkish terms but the students from numerical fields and foreign language field prefer English terms mostly.
Keywords Computer, Usage of Turkish, Informatics terms, Teacher Candidates.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 015-023
Year 2011
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