Title Negative Effects of Series on Turkish
Authors Serpil AYDUTTU
Abstract One of the important indicaters that shows mass media and especially television has highly important role in our country is the soap operas. If it is taken into considerotion that the duration of watching television is almost five hours per day in our country, it is obviously seen that the language used in soap appears highly effects the language of the qudiences. Especially some of the soap operas broadcasted on TV such as “Türk Malı on Show TV, Geniş Aile on Kanal D, Avrupa Yakası on ATV, use the words of western languages and some patterns; morever, they change the structure of the proverbs, idioms and patterns that couldn’t be destroyed throughout the centruries and cause the children and the youths to imitote these mistaken uses. In this study, the mistaken uses of the language in soap aperas and the speeches of some peaple that are affected by these mistaken uses are shown. Thus, it will be explained that these soap operas affect all the people and these effects are reflected to the language.
Keywords Mass Media, Televitision, language mistakes on soap operas.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 031-034
Year 2011
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