Title On Reduplications in Divân-ı Hikmet
Authors Hüseyin YILDIZ
Abstract Hodza Ahmad Yasaviy lived in West Turkistan in the twelf century. He is a mystic poet. His poems are called wisdom and his his book is called the Divan-ı Hikmet. Ahmad Yasaviy has written in Karakhanid Turkish, but Divan-ı Hikmet manuscripts have been copied centuries later. Therefore, they can’t be accepted in Karakhanid Turkish in terms of language features, because their linguistic characteristics belong to different periods. All of the poems at Divan-ı Hikmet don’t belong to Ahmad Yasaviy. Many poems were written by the inheritors of Yasaviy. Most of wisdom is quatrains that written in syllabic meter and rhymes in the koşma style, but there are also written in the style masnavi. There are a number of publishing text, but not a comprehensive language studies on the Divan-ı Hikmet. No doubt, it is very important due to copied the different periods to phonetic, morphological, semantic and lexical researches. In this study, depending on text of Divan-ı Hikmet’s publishing, reduplications in wisdoms will be determined and classified.
Keywords Divan-ı Hikmet, reduplications, Karakhanid Turkish, Chagathay Turkish, Ahmad Yasaviy
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 041-046
Year 2011
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