Title Qualificative Adjectives in Orkhon Inscriptions
Authors Emine TEMEL
Abstract The Old Turkish period which is accepted as the first phase of Turkish Literary Language is the main phase containing between 8th and 11th centuries and incorporating Köktürkçe with the Runic Script and texts with Uyghur letter. Orkhon inscriptions, known as the first written source in Turkish, are the documents revealing that Turkish has such a lasting linguistic base even in the 8th century. In this study, it is going to be made a presentation on classification of the qualificative adjectives taking place in Bilge Qaghan text that is one of the Orkhon Inscriptions. The work of Muharrem Ergin, called Orkhon Inscriptions, is used as a source in determination of the qualificative adjectives. It is given a particular importance on stating in the original sentences of the qualificative adjectives which are classified according to their structures and functions. The researchers studying on language asserts that the most important factor that regards language as strong is vocabulary and units in the vocabulary .From this point of view we consider adjectives that we face with while studying the vocabulary of Orkhon Inscriptions have an important place that cannot be denied since Old Turkish. In this article, it is going to be indicated in having literary style of Turkish how efficient the adjectives are; in connection with this it is going to be done analysis of the qualificative adjectives.
Keywords Orkhon Inscriptions,Vocabulary, Qualificative Adjectives,Adjectives according to the Structures,Adjectives according to
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 047-057
Year 2011
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