Title Trukish and Turkish Literature Migrating from Bulgaria to Anatolia
Authors Atıf AKGÜN
Abstract One of the most ancient nations of the Balkans, the Turks, today, outside of Turkey, the Balkan countries non-Turks exist. Withdrawal of the Ottoman Turkish rule in the region of the Balkans and the establishment of nation-states in the region with the Turks in Western Thrace, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Kosovo to the Turks began to be known. This is for the communities in Bulgaria, the Turks of Bulgaria since theformation of the state of their own literature in its own structure, the Bulgarian Turksalso created Literature. However, other Turkish communities in the Balkans, theBulgarian Turks, a rare constantly forced to migrate to Turkey, the homeland great migrations occurred at regular intervals. Migrations, as well as the results of the sociological literature buradki local area to find the reflection of the Bulgarian Turksliving in Turkey in the form of literature has become. Especially after 1989 a large migration, and works with representatives of the Bulgarian Turks in Turkey have started flowering of literature. In this study the phenomenon of migration and migrated to Anatolia primarily from studies conducted on the literature mentioned, who moved to Turkey with his work behind the representatives and tried to determine the place of literature
Keywords Göç, Bulgaristan, Bulgaristan Türk Edebiyatı.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 075-079
Year 2011
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