Title Variants and Versions of Ormanci Folk Song in Macedonia and Turkey Turks
Authors Zeynep AKDENİZ
Abstract A folk song that is known with the same name as Ormanci is important in terms of cultural history of Turkish World both dates of events and realization of the event adjacencies, folk song’s melody’s sameless. This sameless can be base on the principle of “human societies may create similar products under similar conditions” and can be based on Turkey Turks and Macedonia Turks over time due to various reasons as they exist in both geography, a melody to be moved on the other geography. On the other hand the event that is in Macedonia Turks to point to the years of the 1935s, but in the example in Turkey Turks is point to 1940s; give an impression that the melody may be moved from Macedonia to Turkey. Neverthless the Ormanci folk song which is belonging to Turkey Turks should not be out of sight that it may be in a process of legend or folk song like the other folk songs. In our study we’ll determine these points for similar and different aspects; what causes these differences and similarities, upon which will focus on why.
Keywords Version, Ormanci, Folk Song, Macedonia Turks, Turkey Turks.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 093-096
Year 2011
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