Title The Poet Who Became Eternal with Fatality: Yunus Emre
Authors Nilüfer YILDIRIM
Abstract Yunus Emre, one of the immortal poet of the Turkish language, is a speech master who comprehends life, and in the light of this comprehend; he also express the fatality efficiently by the sense of existence.Fatality is one of the leading theme that brings him to immortality. Death is the most important label that faults the human being evanescent and also a glory stairway that enables to reach the God.Yunus Emre considers the fatality as an only truth, both positive and negative side and use miscellaneous expressions about it. These expressions not only away from ostentation but also impressive and giving rise to thought as philosophic manner. He describes the death as ‘Azrael’s claw’ and regards also as ‘fate heel’. The evonescent trip of the human being who is worn the ‘ collarless shirt ’ and ridden by the ‘ wooden horse’ evantuate in a ‘ syllable stone ’ near a monud.His expressions on the fatality is the most beautiful proof of his dominionce on the Turkish language. We may also state that; Yunus concretes the fatality in a succesfull way by using short , sharp expressions and by this way he summarize the evascents to deathless ones in terms of language. In our announcement ; we examine the fatality in the light of the death expressions of the poet and examplify these statements and statement group. Using these beforementioned expressions , we endeavor his using style of the language and opinion on the fatality in a different aspect.
Keywords Yunus Emre, fatality, eternal, Turkısh language
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 097-104
Year 2011
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