Title Verses and Hadiths in Kutadgu Bilig
Authors O. Cemal BAYAR
Abstract Kutagdu Bilig, the first Turkish-Islamic work known, was dedicated by Yusuf Has Hacip, the first Turkish-Islamic poet,to the ruler of Karakhan,Tavgac Ulug Bugra Kara Han Ebu Ali Hasan, the son of Suleyman Arslan Kara Khan,that ruled in Khasgar in 462(1069-1070) A.D. It is the first example of mathnawi and the first work written in aruz meter. The work that could be completed in eighteen months was written in Karakhan( Hakaniye) Turkish. It contains quite few Arabic and Persian words. In this work, the life of Turkish people has been given a large place. That the source of many words is based on verses and hadiths adds a different value to the work, and Kutadgu Bilig, the first Turkish Islamic work, is based on Islam in terms of values. During the review of the couplets, it has been observed that verses were made use of in the couplets especially in the parts that include advice and in the verses that state provisions. In some couplets, the whole meaning of the verse is included while a part of the meaning of it is included in some.
Keywords Kutadgu Bilig, Yusuf Has Hacib, Verse, Hadith.
Journal IJSES - International Journal of Social and Economic Sciences
Issue Issue 1
Page 105-118
Year 2011
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