• To arouse the interest of Turkish people into scientific thought and modern technology
  • To contribute to the formation of information society by providing a scientific service
  • To contribute to the development of knowledge and technical, theoretical and practical skills of Turkish people, especially youth with technologically science services


The aim of Nobel Science and Research Center is based on the development of science, research, education, teaching, production and consumption services. In order to realize these aims, a part of the things that we want to do is stated below:

  • To have the study of science, teaching, research and development done and with this aim, to establish investigation and production institutions/centers in the center and various towns
  • To raise the awareness of puclic in the field of science, research, education, teaching, environment, culture, engineering, art, agriculture, law, healty and all the other fields in the process of European Union and find solutions to the problems which could be encountered in the process by preparing projects on national and international levels or serving in any case
  • To make suggestions in the fields of science and research in coordination with State Planning Organization while progress plansa are prepared
  • To contribute the protection and quality development of animal and plant species and water and soil sources
  • To give or find support to the scientific projects which are expected to come from the universities and other public institutions, establishments and private sector
  • To give non-refundable domestic or foreign scholarships to postgraduate and doctoral students and organize the education and food service
  • To choose the year of the scientist in the field of science, social, education and health out of people who serves to science every year
  • To choose the best universities of the year within the frame of scientific criteria every year or in specific periods
  • To organize short time seminars and courses at the level of primary, secondary and higher education fort he students


  • To lead and help to open scientific research centers in different cities of Turkey
  • To establish a scientific museum which has technologic characteristics and allows our people to visit in Ankara, the capital city of our republic
  • To organize symposiums, seminars, meeting and congresses at an international level
  • To organize “scientific courses” in order to endear science and research at the level of secondary level
  • To publish boks in the field of social, science and health and “international journals” in order to contribute the announcement of the universities’ knowledge and research to the world and Turkish information society
  • To establish a scientific scanning center at an international level
  • To organize the curriculum at the higher education level in order to contribute to Turkish science

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