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    International Congress on Applied Biological Sciences

    International Congress on Veterinary and Animal Sciences

    International Moleculer Biology and Biotechnology Congress

    International Congress on Education Sciences and Learning Technology

    International Congress on Social and Economic Sciences

    International Congress on Environmental Research and Technology

    International Congress on Political, Economics and Management Sciences

    International Congress on Natural and Engineering Sciences

    International Agriculture Congress

    International Turkish Language Congress


Journal Of Applied Biological Sciences

ISSN:1307-1130 - E-ISSN:2146-0108

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International Journal Of Natural and Engineering Sciences

ISSN:1307-1149 - E-ISSN:2146-0086

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Research Journal Of Agricultural Sciences

ISSN:1308-3945 - E-ISSN:1308-027X

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Research Journal Of Biological Sciences

ISSN:1308-3961 - E-ISSN:1308-0261

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International Journal Of Social And Economic Sciences

ISSN:2146-5843 - E-ISSN:2146-0078

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Turkish Journal Of Scientific Reviews

ISSN:1308-0040 - E-ISSN:2146-0132

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